In this episode, Kathryn Sussman and Rob Laidlaw, leading animal rights advocate for over 30 years, outline current hot topics derived from the latest news related to cetaceans.

Kathryn and Rob scrutinize the current status of Canadian Bill S-203 – Ending the Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act – that will prohibit the taking of a cetacean into captivity and will require a permit for the import and export of a cetacean. They also explore the controversy surrounding the Vancouver Aquarium lawsuit against the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board. Plus, have you seen the viral images of the adorable therapy whale Simeon, who showed up in Norwegian waters only to be deemed a Russian spy?!

Kathryn leads the discussion with Rob not only about these recent events that have the power to deeply impact individual cetaceans and their future in Canada and abroad, but also about the profound underpinnings of why humans, as a species, make things as difficult as we do when it comes to changing the very practices that are harming our planet and the wildlife with which we share it. Many of us have heard about the latest International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) report underscoring that there are currently a million species at risk of extinction. Take part in Kathryn and Rob’s analysis of the best strategies to prompt society to join efforts in fixing this disastrous problem, as it will inevitably, and drastically, affect the human species.

“The last thing anyone should lose is hope… what if the next person that gets involved tips that whole thing towards another direction… maybe all the people thinking it’s a bleak future are wrong… maybe things can be changed, so let’s see!” – says Rob Laidlaw remaining hopeful.

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Be part of the change!

  • Simply avoid going to facilities that are housing whales or dolphins.
  • If you do go to visit a facility housing whales or dolphins, express your concern or voice your displeasure with these exhibits.
  • Find humane whale-watching tour operators if you are going to participate in eco-tourism.
  • Contact your local elected officials asking for legislation that discontinues captivity of whales and dolphins.
  • Contact organizations and take action in establishing viable solutions for the future of these animals, such as sanctuaries that provide rehabilitation, open-ocean enclosures and ideally release.
  • Support Bill S-203 and write to your local officials in favor of Bill S-203.
  • Help us spread the word by sharing this podcast in your network.

What’s next?

•   Write to your local MP, to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, and to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, asking them to adopt Bill S-203 before it is too late.
•   Help us spread the word and keep track of parliament updates. As of May 2019, Bill S-203 has passed Committee without amendments and is now in Third and final reading in the House of Commons. The more of us that can pressure the government to pass this legislation, the likelier we are to finally have an end to the wild capture and captivity of whales and dolphins in Canada.

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