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Did you know that schools are bringing on hi-tech animal-friendly alternatives to science class dissections? Are you aware of the impact of captivity on whale & dolphin social networks and behavior? What is “framing” and what’s new at zoos that could change practices worldwide?

These are all topics that you might have heard of in the past. Yet today, we provide you with unprecedented knowledge in a new series of interviews with top experts from the animal science & conservation fields.

Listen to each episode as our guests reveal little known facts regarding animal welfare and they underscore its inextricable link with environmental responsibility and social change. Learn what you can do to help in your community. Lend us a hand to reach public figures and ask them to step forward bearing our message of change.

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Think climate change is the polar bear’s greatest threat? Think again – Morten Jorgensen

Think climate change is the polar bear’s greatest threat? Think again – Morten Jorgensen

Is climate change the polar bear’s greatest threat? In this jaw-dropping interview, author and conservationist Morten Jorgensen explains how all risks to wild polar bear populations are human-posed. While global warming is the best-known, the most dangerous is in fact overhunting. What we are doing wrong and where are we, as Canadians, failing to protect this iconic species?

Recent episodes

Why Bats Shouldn’t Get a Bad Rap – Rob Laidlaw

Did you know? Bats are mammals and the only mammals that are capable of true flight. They comprise one fifth of all the mammal species in the world, are intelligent, have social lives, and contrary to public perception, are not blind and will not get caught in your hair! Listen as Zoocheck founder and bat enthusiast Rob Laidlaw, clarifies how bats are in fact harmless, beneficial to humans and to the environment.

Kathryn and Gen are two Canadian women who have joined forces from opposite ends of the animal care world.

Based in Toronto, Kathryn is an experienced advocate for animal welfare, a PhD and a private consultant helping NGOs in their efforts to bring about legislative and regulatory change for animals around the globe.

Working in Montreal, Gen is a practicing veterinary technician pursuing studies in marine biology and bioacoustics research. She has worked with a variety of animal species in clinical, zoological and rehabilitation environments trying to bring change to captivity standards.

Together they created the Now You Know podcast to shed light on unfamiliar, puzzling, and sometimes shocking issues regarding our impact on animals and their well-being in the 21st century. Their goal: empower each individual to take action for change!


Kathryn Sussman

Kathryn Sussman


Geneviève Douyon

Geneviève Douyon


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